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Cabline Delivery Service 24/7

Cabline Delivery Service 24/7

Here at Cabline, we enjoy breaking down the barriers of the average taxi company’s ideals. We want to be a different Peterborough taxi service company for our customers, which is why we offer so much more than a standard taxi company does.

You’ve heard of taxi companies delivering food before, it’s the newest craze in the industry, but we want to bring you a better, gold star service. More than simply delivering food from your favourite late-night restaurant, like McDonald’s or KFC.

We understand that convenience is a must. Life is busy, full of the hustle and bustle of thousands of people going to work or school every day, and then coming back home. Sometimes it may seem difficult to keep up, and know when to take a break. We want to provide a convenient, reliable delivery service to the public of Peterborough.

Cabline Taxis Peterborough are beginning to liaison with restaurants and convenience stores across Peterborough, to pick up your orders and deliveries for you, and bring them straight to your door; no mess, no fuss, just simple delivery by a Peterborough-based company who knows a good deal when they see them.


So, how do you get started with our wonderful delivery service? Follow these simple steps:


1. Browse


Browse our list of restaurants, stores, and products for the things you want or need.

2. Add to Basket


Add your items to our site’s basket, and double-check to make sure you haven’t missed anything or added one item too many.

3. Checkout


Click to checkout your basket and make your payment using our safe payment methods. Remember that our team is on-hand if something goes wrong, so try not to worry!

4. Wait for the Knock


We’ll send you a confirmation of your order, and an estimated delivery time. After that, all you need to do is wait for one of our drivers to knock at your door with your prepaid delivery of goods. It’s really that simple!

What can I order? What are your services?


So many things! On this page you’ll find a designated list of stores and restaurants to choose from. But here is an example of some of the products and services you’ll find:


  • Food – Any of our listed restaurants are aware of our service, and happy for you to place your order with us.
  • Drinks – Pick your products, we’ll make the purchase.* (we do not deliver alcohol, we can send a taxi to take you to the off licence and bring you back)
  • Cigarettes – Let us know which brand from our products listed.
  • Groceries – Choose your items and check out, and let us do the hard work.
  • Medication – If you’re in need of some quick over-the-counter medication, we can pick it up for you.
  • Laundry – We can pick up your laundry or dry cleaning for you.


What are your opening hours?


Our Peterborough taxi services are available 24/7, but each individual restaurant and store has their own opening hours that we adhere to. We stop delivering from most places around 30-60 minutes before they close, to give us time to make those final delivery runs for you. The establishments that are open late are working with us to give our drivers access to their services. But if a restaurant has a drive-thru, you’re in luck! We can go make that order for you.


Pick-up car service


Finally, we can also go and get your car for you and drive it to your home. We understand that partying is fun, and sometimes you might get a little drunker that you thought you were. No need to leave your car in a carpark or parked on a street overnight. Simply give us a call, and we can go and grab your car for you at any time.

“Cabline: Offering more than any other taxi service.”