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International Courier and concierge services


Getting hold of a reliable courier company is the most important thing that you need to do if you wish that your parcel reaches the desired location without any issue. Our company follows the best practices for courier delivery and ensures that your parcel is delivered to the recipient on time without any damage.

Our company offers the finest courier services and customers can depend on us for delivering their important parcels and critical documents without any apprehensions. If you are seeking a courier travel to Europe service, you can call us as we are available round the clock to serve our customers. We take all the precautionary measures required to deliver your parcels in a safe manner. Each of the parcels is packaged in the finest way so that it does not get spoilt during the delivery process.

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1. Track your parcel at anytime


Once your parcel has been dispatched, you would want to know about its status from time to time. With us, you can track your parcel whenever you want. We provide the customers with a clear status at all times. For instance, once your parcel has been delivered, this status would be highlighted on our website and can be viewed by using the tracking ID.


For every booking that the customer makes, a tracking ID is provided to him. The customer can use this ID to track the shipment when he wishes to do so. For instance, if you are using our courier travel to Asia service and you want to check the courier status one day before the scheduled delivery date, you simply need to enter the tracking ID on our website and the updated status of the shipment would be displayed on your screen. Other than that, our company also helps you in tracking your shipment on call. If you need to know the status of your courier, you can call us and one of the customer support representatives would provide you with the exact status.

2. Fast and timely delivery


At times, you cannot even afford your courier to reach the desired person with a delay of a single minute. This usually happens when you are sending critical documents including resumes and stamp papers. With us, delayed delivery is simply out of question. Once you provide us with the desired delivery date and time, the parcel would be delivered without delay under all conditions.

3. Your parcel is in safe hands


As a reputed courier service company, we share a trusted relationship with all our customers. You can count on us completely for all your valuables. Once you buy our services, you can consider your parcel being delivered without even a single thing going missing or getting damaged. We can deliver couriers to locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and all other parts of the world.

4. High standard packaging


Proper packing is the utmost responsibility of every courier service company. For instance, if a fragile product needs to be sent, it needs to be packaged in a hard cardboard box so that it does not get broken during shipment. Along with that, fragile courier boxes have an identification sticker which helps the staff in identifying them and handling them with extra care.


We use the best methods to pack your parcel so that there is no loss during the delivery process. We use the finest packaging material according to the nature of the courier. For instance, if you want to send fruits, they would be packed in bubble wrap and then placed in cardboard boxes along with soft stuffing on the top. Similarly, if you need to courier documents, they would be packed in the best water and moisture proof envelopes.


With us, you do not need to have the slightest of worries about your parcel getting spoilt. Our quality assurance team checks the packaging carefully before each parcel is sent for shipment. We have a highly trained team that takes all the precautionary measures so that nothing gets damaged during the shipment process.

5. Our efficiency speaks for us


Unlike a lot of other courier and concierge services companies in the UK, we do not make verbal claims. However, our efficiency gives a clear reflection of our calibre. New customers can go through the customer testimonials on our website and ensure that they are not selecting the wrong company. Once a customer buys our courier services, he does not think about considering other companies.