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Annual Events and Festivals in Peterborough


Peterborough is a wonderful city, filled with celebrations. There are several festivals and events that take place annually.


There’s the Green Meadows Festival, which takes place every year. It’s a 3-day music festival that set out to raise money and awareness for the Teenage Cancer Trust. There’s camping, a wide variety of performances, and a whole lot of support for those in need.

For fans of rock tribute bands, you might try Peterborough’s own Fake Festival, a full day of live music from “fake bands”.


And of course, The Cambridgeshire Food & Drink Festival, taking place at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. A weekend of family fun, food, and joyous times to be had.

That’s just a few of the amazing festivals that Peterborough has to offer this year, and there are several more listed on this page, including Peterborough’s Muslim festival, celebrating the Birth of the Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him.


Cabline supports all of the events going on in and around Peterborough, and we are more than happy to take you to any of your destinations. With our Peterborough taxi fleet, we can take you to any number of Peterborough festivals, events, or shows that happen to be going on at any time in this cultural city. Our Peterborough taxi service is reliable, and we’re dedicated to all of our customers’ needs. Simply call for a quote, or use our “text a taxi” service, and even if you’re at the busy festival of the year, we’ll come and pick you up with no problems.