Cabline Taxis Peterborough - Cabline Taxis Peterborough
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The History of Peterborough

“Travel with Cabline Taxis Peterborough, and we can take you anywhere.”

There are many historical and educational places to visit in Peterborough. These exciting areas are spread across the city and the surrounding areas, so it’d be best to book a reliable Peterborough taxi like Cabline to take you where you need to go.


Alongside the timeless Peterborough Cathedral, the striking city of Peterborough is also home to the 16th century Burghley House, among various museums, like Peterborough Museum, and Whittlesey Museum. We can offer professional, local guides to take you around Peterborough. Perfect for anyone new to the city with a love of Peterborough history.


Cabline can also offer day or overnight excursions, as well as full or part day sightseeing packages. Our packages cover the local area of Peterborough, and more national locations. With Cabline day trips UK, you’ll receive transport in our cost-effective Peterborough Taxis, travel guides, lunch, and an evening meal, where appropriate. We can cater for any number of people, and the largest vehicle in our fleet can hold up to 16 people.


For a trip that’s a little further afield than the standard taxis in Peterborough can take you, enquire about a trip visit Woolsthorpe Manor: the birthplace of Isaac Newton, and consider continuing your tour with a visit to the magnificent Lincoln Castle.


Our services run across all of Peterborough and beyond. You’ll never be short of a taxi in Peterborough, and we guarantee that you won’t find a better service anywhere else. Contact our wonderful customer service and support team today.