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Food and Drink in the Beautiful City of Peterborough

“Rewarding Service with a Smile.”

For the best restaurants to eat in Peterborough, you’ll need to be able to get there. Cabline offer a flexible taxi service in the Peterborough area. People from all over the world have come to live in Peterborough, from Indian, Europe, Arabia, Africa, and the Far East, as a result we have a huge range of food variety from cuisine all over the world.


Peterborough is very a welcoming and warm place. It’s the perfect city to have new experiences and try food that you’ve never tasted before. On this page, you’ll find a list of our most beloved Peterborough restaurants, who will be more than happy to welcome you as a customer. Our drivers have personally visited many of these establishments, so when you’re wondering where to go for the night, you can ask your driver, and they’ll always have a recommendation for you.

All of these Peterborough restaurants are in the city centre, or the nearby area, and each one uses Cabline as their preferred Peterborough taxi company. For us, this means amazing relationships with some of the best restaurants in Peterborough, and a more rewarding service for our customers.


Our customers can review the restaurants that we’ve listed here, and in return, we’ll offer a 10% discount off of any local Peterborough journeys. You’ll also be rewarded with a discount on your food bill the next time you visit that restaurant. It’s gold star customer service at its finest.

Our restaurant list showcases amazing food places in Peterborough, including pub food restaurants, places to eat in the city centre, and even Halal restaurants in Peterborough. If you’re ever stuck for a nice place to eat, we at Cabline are sure to have a suggestion for you.