International travel courier service - Cabline Taxis Peterborough
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Specialist International Travel Courier Service


Precious and sensitive items require a more sensitive courier service. Cabline possess some of the most fully trained and vetted couriers, who understand that your packages can contain particularly delicate information or items. Our specialist international travel courier service is dedicated to handling your more discreet parcels and document folders, ensuring that you have a stress-free delivery option available for all of your international mailing needs.


Unlike other companies, we at Cabline don’t only cater to items that are being delivered to another country, we’ll also be more than happy to accompany vulnerable or young persons (or pets) that would otherwise be travelling alone. Our couriers will stay with the client throughout their trip, keeping them safe, and well cared for.


Our staff are all police checked, and we provide an immediate collection service. We keep in touch with our couriers throughout their journey, so we’ll always have an update for you when they check-in with us. Our specialist international travel courier service guarantees that your documents, parcels, or vulnerable travelers will always reach their destination safely, and within a specified time. Our international services are available 24 hours a day, so we can collect anytime.


We offer a wide range of couriering needs:


  • 100% Privacy
  • 100% secure*
  • 100% confidence
  • Mobile number for updates
  • 24/7 Delivery service
  • 24/7 Collection service
  • Sensitive items/packages
  • Precious jewelry
  • Important documents
  • Valuable paintings
  • Pets (small, large, or exotic)*
  • Elderly persons
  • Young Persons
  • Vulnerable Persons
  • VIPs
  • Items/people that need to be handed over to specific people.
  • Delivery by Air/Rail/Road/Sea
  • Worldwide delivery