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Cabline Taxi Service

Cabline Taxi Service


If you are looking for a cheap taxi in Peterborough, we are one of the most economical companies that you can get your hands on. All the local taxi rates are mentioned on our website. For instance, if you want to get picked from Ails worth and get dropped at City Centre, you would be required to pay a flat rate. A complete list of our local taxi rates is given on our website for customer assistance.


We have clearly defined pickup and drop off points. This helps the customer as he does not have to walk and search for cars. Our pickup and drop points are easy to locate and reach. We make things easy for customers and our drivers reach the pickup points before the time provided. Our drivers communicate with the customer whenever needed and provide complete guidance about reaching the pickup point.


Our company uses a highly dependable GPS system so that the customer can reach his exact location without any delay and confusion. The customers do not need to provide us with any guidance related to the route. Through the GPS system, you would be dropped at your desired location even if you do not have any knowledge about the route to it.


Our company provides state of the art taxi services in Peterborough. We have the finest fleet of comfortable vehicles and highly experienced drivers who escort you from your pickup point to the desired destination. If you go through other companies offering taxi services in Peterborough, you would witness that we have higher quality standards.

  •  Customers can make an online booking at any time as we work 24/7. Thus, at any hour of the day, if you need to commute, all you need to do is give us a call and one of our quality drivers would be there to pick you up.


  •  We have the finest pool of drivers which contributes to delivering high-quality taxi services in Peterborough.


  • Each of our drivers is tracked through a reliable GPS system so that our customers can get to their respective destinations without any inconvenience.


  • Once you walk out of any UK airport lounge after a tiring flight, you would not have to search for our drivers. One of them would be there to greet and escort you.


  • We have a highly cooperative customer support team that is there to help you with bookings and queries. You can get connected through email, by filling the online query form on our website or by calling us.


  • All our customers have business accounts through which they can monitor their bookings and maintain records.


  • We believe in serving nothing less than the best to our customers. For this purpose, we go the extra mile to keep our vehicles maintained at all times. Each of our rides is an experience worth remembering. You can choose from a variety of vehicle types including saloons, executive cars and minibuses. We have vehicles with wheelchair facility so that disabled people can commute without any problem.

Easy Online payment system


For a customer, it becomes hard to visit the office of the taxi company physically to make payments or go to the bank for an account transfer. Our customers do not need to go through any of this hassle as we have a proper online payment system in place. As compared to other companies providing Cabs in Peterborough, we have a much shorter online booking process.


If you wish to use our services, you need to select your pick-up and drop off locations. If you are not clear about the exact points, you can use the GPS map given on our website. After that, you need to select the vehicle that you want to use. Along with that, you would have to provide details of the luggage that you have. For instance, if you have four suitcases, you would select “4” as an option in the drop-down menu. Similarly, you would provide details of the time when wish to be picked. On the basis of all these details, your estimated fare would be calculated. However, this fare may vary if you wish to adopt a particular route to the destination or stop in between.


Through the online system, you can make your payment at anytime from anywhere. For instance, if you are in Luton and you wish to be dropped home after landing in Peterborough, you can make an online booking for our Peterborough airport taxi service while being in Luton. Our customers do not need to go through a cumbersome process to pay for their bookings.