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Travel Companion

Cabline’s Worldwide Travel Companion

Here at Cabline, we understand all of your needs, so we’ve expanded our services to enable you to find a suitable travel companion within our current staff members. Travelling alone can be adventurous, but it can also be stressful, especially when you’re by yourself, in a new city, and you don’t know your way around. A travel buddy can take away some of the tediousness of your trip, allowing you more time to have fun.


If you’re looking for a professional, experienced travel companion to provide travel assistance during your trip, Cabline employs trustworthy people who can help make your journey smoother and safer. Our motto is “You don’t have to travel alone.” So you can be sure to find the most accommodating travel assistants with our company, at an affordable price, with a range of amazing services. Our travel companion service is broken down into three major services, and gives you the option to become a travel or holiday companion, yourself.

Firstly, the travel companion. A Cabline travel partner is trained to care for your needs while travelling and getting to and from your destinations with ease. With this service, you’re essentially receiving your own personal travel assistant, and we do offer a female travel companion where required; never be afraid to ask for the service that you need from us, we understand that every customer is different, and your safety and comfort is paramount to us.


Secondly, we offer a holiday companion. This service is slightly different to a travel companion, in that the holiday buddies are geared towards your holiday itinerary, including any flights you may need to board while your service with Cabline is in effect. A holiday partner can also book any and all excursions, whether they be by rail, boat, or by air while you’re on holiday.

Thirdly, you can also apply to become one of our travel companions. This is a paid position, and you’ll be trained on how to best meet a client’s needs, while remaining helpful and friendly during the client’s travel experience. Travel mates are needed for all kinds of travellers, particularly younger travellers who are travelling or holidaying alone, or unaccompanied minors whose parents may be concerned for their child’s safety. Our travel companions also cater to clients with specific needs, including elderly and disabled travellers, and clients who are travelling internationally.


A Disclosure and Barring Service check enables an employer to check the background of a potential employee before hiring them, to ensure that they are fit to work with vulnerable persons, especially children. The check is standard for all companies that work with children and vulnerable individuals, and simply guaranteeing that a person who has had a successful DBS check is lawfully able to work with such customers and clients. The DBS check is used by employers to help them make safe recruitment decisions.

A CRB check, or as they’re now called, a DBS check, is necessary and unnegotiable for all of our travel companions, so you know that you’re safe with Cabline.

travel companion

Still unsure? Our travel companions will coordinate and communicate with your family and loved ones throughout the duration of your trip, letting them know that you’ve arrived at each of your checkpoints safe and sound. For minors, a travel or holiday buddy can also go with you to meet your parents at the arrivals section of an airport, so they can be sure that you’ve gotten home in one piece. We offer worldwide travel assistance. With our travel companions, you can really enjoy the freedom to go anywhere, with a guide who is more than capable of taking care of the big and the little things, and can even accompany you on your flight, and provide entertainment.


At Cabline, we offer an airport escort service with responsible companions who can take you to and from your airport destinations, guaranteeing that you will never miss your flight, and that all of your baggage is securely checked in.


Our service is tailored to you and your needs, and we are confident that one of our travel companions meets your requirements. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Researching airfares and making travel arrangements on your behalf.
  • Escorting you from the departure airport to your destination.
  • Wheelchair assistance.
  • Coordinating airport check-in.
  • Carrying on-board luggage.
  • Guiding you through an expedited security checkpoint.
  • Providing you with access to an airline lounge while waiting to board.
  • Assisting you during boarding.
  • Accompanying you during your flight(s).
  • Providing on-board amenities during your flight (a pillow, games, and a DVD
    player with movies and music).
  • Assisting with connecting flights.
  • Handling travel changes that become necessary because of delayed or cancelled flights.
  • Assisting with bathroom trips.
  • Retrieving luggage at baggage claim.
  • Keeping friends or family members informed by phone or email during the trip.

Still unsure? We at Cabline can cater to a range of clientele who have travel needs, and have several types of travel companion available to assist you:


  • Personal Assistant Traveling
  • Safe Travel Chaperone
  • Child Travel Companion
  • Disabled Travel Companion
  • Elderly Travel Companion
  • Impaired Travel Companion
  • Medical Travel Companion


As you can see, our service is varied and widespread. If you’re seeking a travel companion, why not get in touch and enquire about our service. Or, if you’re looking for a change in career, with an exciting, new job, that offers worldwide experience like you’ve never seen before, drop us a call or an e-mail.

travel companion

Cabline also offers a reliable taxi and minibus service which is available for parties of 1 to 16 people. We can, potentially, offer this service alongside your travel companion if you’re in our serviced area of Peterborough, England, but otherwise, your travel companion will take care of all of your needs on behalf of the company.


Enquire about our travel companion service using the contact details on our page, our team are waiting for your calls and emails, and hold the relevant information to answer any of your questions. Remember: You don’t have to travel alone.