Minibus Taxis

Since 1993 Cabline have transported many group sizes, to various parts of the UK. For your Social and Business requirements, we supply minibuses for all occasions to any destination.

UP To 16 Seats

Airport transfers & occasions

business & personal

Are you planing a family holiday

Want to travel altogether

Don’t want 2 separate vehicles

More than one pick up

What ever the occasion
Trust Cabline with your all Minibus bookings.

We provide up to a 16 seater minibus 24/7.

What Our Customers Say

Minibus Services For All Occasions


Have you got family and friends coming over for a wedding?
And they all require to transportation from their hotel to a church and the to the reception. And then get everyone back to their hotel’s after a long day.

School Runs

A trusted assured transportation service for your children. Regulated by the Peterborough city council. We provide a safe, friendly environment for children to travel in. Contact us today for a competitive price. From 1 pick up or multiple pick-ups.

Corporate Events

Do you have a group of guests arriving at the Peterborough train station, and ideally you would like them to travel altogether? Download our TAXI APP or get in touch and give us your requirements. And leave the rest to us, we will make your company proud.

Stag & Hen Parties

Do you need Transport for your Stag or Hen party? Going out for the night with a large group of friends? Or London for the weekend.
Whatever your plans are, Rest assured, you and your friends are in good hands.

Weekend Trips

Want to get away this weekend, with all your friends?
None of you want to drive. Why worry, If you’d like to go away for the weekend but don’t want to drive. Request a quote via our TAXI APP or contact Cabline with your booking.

Retirement Home Trips

Are you organizing a day trip to a special event, in the area? Maybe you want a relaxing day at the sea side. Whether it’s a day out to the beach or to a park. We at Cabline take extra time and care to insure you have wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Cabline minibus boasts a wealth of industry experience and travel-related knowledge since 1993. Licensed and regulated by the Peterborough city council, certifying that we can both assist you with your journey, and get you where you’re going safe way.
Our drivers know the streets of Peterborough well, our journeys are cost-effective, and we commit ourselves to our customers’ comfort and safety.
All drivers ate carefully vetted, and we take pride in knowing that we have one of the most reliable and experienced drivers in Peterborough.

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