Nightlife In Peterborough

There are some amazing nights out in Peterborough, with a large amount of the bars and clubs in Peterborough staying open until the early hours as the morning – some as late as 5am. The Peterborough nightlife is definitely booming, with a huge range of fun night time activities to enjoy. Taxis in Peterborough can be found everywhere, but with Cabline, we can offer a fixed price on a party between 4-16 people, keeping everyone together on their night out.

Most day bars turn into clubs at night, so you can sit and enjoy a meal late into the evening before going out onto the dance floor with a fancy cocktail or a cool cider in your hand. Clubs like Edwards, Peterborough, have several special nights ready for your enjoyment. Edwards offer a Karaoke night, Quiz night, and even a Salsa night, where you can learn from some of the best teachers Peterborough has to offer (beginners welcome!).

Of course, with all of these bars comes fantastic live music in Peterborough city centre. There are a few clubs outside of the centre for you to venture to, but if you’re visiting, you may want to stay close to town at first.

If it’s getting late, and you need a ride in a Peterborough taxi, Cabline is at your service. Our taxis in Peterborough boast the friendliest, and most reliable, service for Peterborough taxi services. We make our customers our number one priority, which is why there’s so many ways to book a taxi in Peterborough with one of our drivers behind the wheel. We also offer a range of different cars to choose from, including executive cabs, for the VIP club night. Enjoy your night, knowing you’ll always have a safe ride home with a Cabline Peterborough taxi.